Acne No More. Learn Three Great Ways To Get Ride of Acne.

10 Mar


There are a lot of products to help with battling acne and very few programs that teach you  how to cure acne for good and sometimes it’s hard to know where to turn to get the help you need. The pimple or acne treatments in this article can help but are usually a temporary solution. If you are interested in a permanent solution please click on one of the links below to be taken to the Acne No More program review by Kathy. The program is really awesome specially for acne sufferers who are willing to cure acne permanently. In short the program is written by Mike Walden who is well known for his efficient acne cure system guideline.

Apricot Juice: Apply apricot juice to pimples for about 15 minutes a day.  This can be done everyday.

Toothpaste Treatment: Toothpaste has been known to help some people tremendously and on others it has irritated their acne so please do as suggested above and try the toothpaste method on just one spot first to see how your skin reacts.  The toothpaste you use needs to be the plain white toothpaste and Not the kind of toothpaste that has gel in it. Toothpaste has been said to help pimples and is often used as an overnight treatment to diminish the acne. Simply apply a dab of toothpaste to each spot and leave on for several hours or while you sleep and then in the morning wash with warm water.

Dry Basil Leave Treatment: Make a poultice out of basil leaves.  Put two to three spoonfuls of dry basil leaves in a cup of boiling water and let it steep for about twenty minutes and allow it to cool. Use a cotton ball to apply to the skin.

Although some remedies help people to cure pimples but many of them are not a permanent solution and are quick fixes. If you are interested in a permanent solution that has a personalized program that is designed for your skin and your body then you can try Acne No More by Mike Walden which will help you to get ride of your stubborn acne easily.


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