The Tao System Review Joshua Pellicer Dating Pdf Scam Or Not

5 May

Healthforus Joshua PellicerThe Tao System Author: Joshua Pellicer is a famous dating coach with vast experience. He has been coaching thousands of guys all over the world, had TV and Radio shows all about the secrets of his Tao System. He is wasn’t really good looking guy nor rich when he started developing the Tao System. In fact, He was completely broke with a girlfriend that abused his kindness, and couldn’t understand how miserable he was. She asked him to move to NC and pay for the rent and HE DID WITHOUT ASKING QUESTIONS. But one day he snapped, when she asked him to leave because her daddy came to visit, and she didn’t even tell him she was dating someone, or even living with someone. From that day on he decided to research and master the laws of attraction OR DIE TRYING with psychological knowledge he acquired during his college studies.

So how does it work?

Josh will show you how to reach within your inner self and transform yourself into a confident and charming individual that women will naturally find attractive. Any weaknesses in confidence will be turned into strengths simply by following the steps laid out in the Tao of Badass program.

Josh Pellicer will show you how to build up your confidence and be engaging personality. You will simple tricks to strike up a conversation and how to keep a conversation going once you have made first contact with a girl. You will also learn about some tricks that can be used to actually make women approach you.

Now all these skills does come naturally to a small minority of people and then here are those individuals who fake it and make it worse by attempting to use cheesy pickup lines without success. However, Josh has discovered a method and process that will enable anyone to develop the skills to be a real badass and not just try to fake it.

What you will learn from The Tao of Badass:

  • The four main types of female personalities and the different types of moves you should make to gain the maximum potential for success with each type of personality.
  • How to reach within your and bring out the natural confidence and charisma that may have been subdued by doubt and lack of success with women in the past.
  • The natural human nature and instincts and how you can bypass the normal mind and speak directly to the subconscious mind and evoke emotional instinctive reactions from women.
  • Learn how to play not only the outer game but also the inner game in your mind and how success or failure is largely based around how you plan the game.
  • Why body language is important and how the smallest expressions can send both positive and negative signals. Thus you will learn how to use body language to express and project positive signals to women.


  • Step-by-step guidance from total loser to total badass
  • Understanding your Social circle and how to use it to your advantage
  • Private Videos teaching you how to utilize your body-language  to perfection!
  • 4 Bonus Books related to dating for absolutely free!
  • Understand women’s thinking and psychology needs
  • A Lifetime membership to Tao of badass support team

Skills you will gain once you have completed the program:

  • Make yourself stand out in the presence of other men.
  • Make yourself more outwardly attractive to women.
  • Difference between “i am interested” and “you are just a friend” vibes.
  • How being charming can win a woman’s heart.
  • Reading interpret behavior and read body language.

What is included in the program:

  • A comprehensive ebook.
  • Series of engaging video lessons.
  • Set of audio files.
  • An online forum for additional Q&A.


Well, No one’s perfect. Although the Tao of Badass is really great product, there are some facts you should take into consideration (And you will not find them anywhere else )

  1. The Tao of Badass is going to change your life, your perception about women and social interaction
  2. The Tao of Badass will dispute many conception you were taught and raised on
  3. Mastering those skill isn’t an easy task  it takes real practice and time to learn!

Walking the Talk

‘Tao of Badass’ stresses that men shouldn’t do things that devalue them. If you get into a situation where you think you are not good enough, you’ve already lost and it will be hard to rebuild the confidence you need to succeed. If you luck that self-belief inside to propel you to higher things, you will never get anywhere. This applies to approaching women as much as it does to everything in life.

To say it in more certain terms, you need to ensure that you’re solid-gold on the inside and not merely gold-plated. A man that feels secure with himself will exude that confidence in the way he carries himself and his attitude will back up that confidence.

Action and Reaction

The importance of body language cannot be over-emphasized in this guide. Woman use body language more often than men. They use it to convey messages that they otherwise find ‘difficult’ to say with words. For instance, if a woman is attracted to you and wants to get closer or more physical, she is likely to use body language. Likewise, if a woman is put off by your actions, it will also show in her body language. ‘Tao of Badass’ will show you the basics of body language and how to prepare for every situation, good or bad.

At this point, you might want to ask why you should choose ‘Tao of Badass’ and not other self-help dating guides. The simple truth is that the man behind ‘Tao of Badass’ may be the biggest reason why you should buy this guide.

Joshua Pellicer’s background with women was the motivation for this guide and, unsurprisingly, a lot of men out there can easily relate with what he went through. Like many men out there, Joshua was terrible with women. In fact, Joshua thought he was doing everything right until he eventually discovered that it was the things he shouldn’t have been doing that were the ruining his chances with women. Eventually, he came up with new strategies of how to approach women and started experimenting with them. What he discovered was life changing and he decided to share those secrets in ‘Tao of Badass’.

In all, ‘Tao of Badass’ is highly recommended to all those men that have never been successful with women at all levels. ‘Tao of Badass’ is a real eye-opener that will forever change the way you approach women.


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