The Story OF Acne No More Mike Walden On Acne Sufferer

25 Apr


Mike Walden is a former severe acne sufferer. He had his acne

problem for more than 13 years.

Acne is an unpleasant disease and caused Mike to not feel good about his appearance. He was embarrassed, self-conscious, discouraged and bullied because of his acne.

Because of Mike’s teenage acne and adult acne condition he stayed at home a good part of his teen and post teenage years not socializing. It was not easy for him to go out and be stared at by many people because of his acne.

There are many acne types. Mike Walden’s type of acne was called acne vulgaris. He had hard lumps under his skin that were also painful. He had cysts on his face, neck, back and unpredictable breakouts

Mike spent years of experimenting with acne treatments. He just wanted the acne to go away.

  • He tried all sorts of treatments for acne.
  • He saw doctors
  • He took prescription and vitamins to stop the acne.
  • He tried over the counter acne products.
  • With some of the acne remedies he saw short term results.
  • No lasting relief for his situation.

Mike says acne is a warning sign of a major imbalance in your system.

Mike first heard this said by an 84 year old man. He heard him speak on the radio and then saw him on TV in Israel. The man said he cured himself of severe skin diseases by using natural methods following a certain routine daily.

Mike had always felt there had to be something somewhere to cure acne. He had been looking and studying for many years to find a remedy for his acne.

Finally, he had a program and method that would cure acne. It took another year to refine his new system. This became the Acne No More system and eBook. I wrote a comprehensive acne no more review which my readers marked as best acne no more book review in the market! You can read the review if you are interested to buy acne no more eBook. I think one should read honest review before buying any product from internet. Because nowadays there are lots of fake reviews available.

The Acne No More program does take determination and patience. It is not an overnight fix. It cures the root problems of the acne. Always consult with your medical professional before starting a new program.

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