The Anti-Aging Power of Betalain Antioxidants

15 Mar

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Ever since the beginning of time, mankind has been fascinated with the secret of eternal youth. Even though it still remains a secret, several substances that can slow down the process of aging have been discovered. These substances are known as antioxidants, which play an extremely important role in the daily processes of the human organism. In order to lead a healthy life, everyone must take care of their organism from early on and base their alimentation on antioxidants. But what are the sources of these antioxidants and which ones are the most efficient?

Some of the most powerful antioxidants are Betalains. They are very nutritive substances found in different plants. There are 24 known Betalains and the complete spectrum can only be found in the juice of the Nopal Cactus. The anti-aging properties of these substances have been known for a long time by Mexican locals, but their potential has not been fully exploited by the large public until the development of Nopalea, a drink based upon the juice of the cactus. Let us take a further look at how exactly the Betalains fight against aging. Over internet you can see Nopalea Juice Reviews to know more about the drink. I wrote and shared one though. I just shared the link of my written article. Let me know your opinion by reading the article via comment section.

The first thing that needs to be understood is how the process of aging works.  Aging is actually the consequence of oxidation, a process which is found both in nature and in the human body. This process releases free radicals which affect the human cells. The visible results of this reaction are the signs of aging. Even though this process does inevitably occur as a consequence of the laws of nature, Betalains can help slow it down.

In their natural environment, namely in the fruit of the Nopal Cactus, Betalains have the role of protecting the pigment of the plant and of conserving its resistance against natural injurious factors. In short, the inherent role of Betalains is protection and regeneration.

Fortunately, it has been discovered that the same result can be achieved when these antioxidants are assimilated into the human organism. As Betalains penetrate the cells, they resume their protective and regenerative role by reducing and reversing the process of oxidation and, implicitly, of aging. The cells that are in the process of being damaged by free radicals are healed due to the effect of the antioxidants, which also stimulate the replacement of dead cells with new, healthy ones.

The visible signs of this interior process of cellular rebirth are quick to appear and are astonishing. The persons upon whom aging has already left its print will notice that the depth of wrinkles diminishes and that the age spots become lighter and eventually disappear. However, in order to enjoy the full potential of the Betalain anti-aging power, it is recommended to start consuming the cactus juice before any signs of aging appear. In this way, this natural process will be postponed for a long period of time and, when it does inevitably occur, its effects upon the skin will be minimal and barely noticeable.

Moreover, Betalains will not only make one look younger, but feel younger as well. By limiting the oxidation of the cells, these antioxidants also improve the quality of the inner processes that occur in our bodies. This means that no matter what age a person may have, the organism will function normally, enabling the person to feel more energetic, lively and strong, characteristics which are usually specific to the period of youth.


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