Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Evaluation – Natural Means to Intensify Muscle

29 Mar

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Why would you ever want to use Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer? It is a dream of many a man to look ripped and cut. Unfortunately only a very small percentage of people can boast a body that has these attributes. Most men are either overweight or obese. Actually, about 2/3 of our society falls into this category nowadays.

You’ve longed to have a body of an athlete or a body builder for a while now. One day you say “enough is enough” and decide to make some drastic changes in your lifestyle. You go to the gym and start a workout routine, you stop eating junk food and cookies; your resolve is strong.

After few days, however, the ‘reality’ kicks in, you get busy, you can’t make it to the gym, there is no time to go and grab a salad so you stop at the nearest McDonald’s. You tell yourself, “oh well, I’ll start again tomorrow.”

Tomorrow, however, is the same as the day before: your time is limited, you have after- hours meeting, your friend needs help, your girlfriend or your wife wants you to go with her to get these new curtains for the living room…

The excuses are plentiful. Your will power is non-existent now. It faded away. For some people the determination to change might last only a week, for others a couple of weeks, yet others will stay on their goals for a month or two. Only a tiny percentage of people usually make it a lifetime commitment.

What Is Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer?

It is a method developed for quick, safe and natural muscle development. At the same time it is a nutritional plan that teaches you what to eat, when to eat and how much of different food groups to eat during your off day, in order to maximize recovery and also depending on your workout schedule and its intensity.

The system is easy, fast and safe.

In a large part it is about somanabolic nutrition and customizing healthy nutrition for your age, weight, height, metabolism and your somatotype, and your weight training regimen. It is sometimes described as a new method of building muscle without the traditional bulking approach

Who Developed This Program?

Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer was developed by Kyle Leon. Kyle is a fitness expert and bodybuilder. He has experimented with body building techniques since his college days. He has devoted a lot of his free time to learning about muscle building and nutrition.

It took him some time but Kyle has become an expert on diet and nutrition for bodybuilders. He understood that as much as 90% of his own struggle with building great physique and muscle mass was proper nutrition.

Leon has worked for years with professional body builders, fitness models and nutritionists to perfect the four patented somanabolic formulas.

Is This Program For You?

The program was designed for people who want to get lean, ripped and cut bodies. If you have been struggling with your body image, were not able to get the body you’ve always dreamt of, or even though you were trying hard were not getting desired results, it might be helpful.

There are plenty of testimonials (see examples below) to back up the claims. People on this program have lost fat and gained lean muscle. The results will definitely vary from person to person. Depending on your motivation, how strictly you follow the program, and how much your exercise you might achieve similar, worse or better results.

Remember, no two people are exactly the same so their results won’t be the same either. This being said read on and find out what comes with the program.

How You Might Benefit From This Program

Here are things you will learn when you use this program:

  • How three mistakes that you’re making right now could crush your chances of building lean muscles
  • Why trying to bulk and cut might actually be harming your body and leave you with more fat and less muscle in a long run
  • What trick pros use to look 10-20 pounds leaner and 10-20 pounds more muscular in just 7 days
  • How to gain lots of energy, become strong and healthy
  • How to explode lean muscle growth without any fat
  • How to pack on 21 pounds of pure lean muscle in 8 weeks
  • What is fat cells hyperplasia, why it’s dangerous for your muscle growth and what to do to avoid it

Additional benefits:

  • Pride in appearance
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Improved self-image
  • A new outlook on life


What Exactly Will You Get?

The program consists of a plan based on four patented formulas. Kyle claims that these formulas will unlock your muscle growth quickly, safely and naturally.


Here are the four formulas:

Formula 1Somanabolic customizer; here you’ll discover the exact calorie and macronutrient your body needs in order to build pure lean muscle using advanced somatotyping techniques. You will also learn what and when to eat, based on your weight training regimen.

Formula 2Somanabolic rebuilder; this formula is used during your off days. The recovery nutrition is custom structured to help you repair and rebuild your muscle tissue that was broken down.

You will achieve it quickly by using unique calorie and macronutrient shifting techniques. Following tips included in this part, your muscle recovery becomes extremely rapid and muscle soreness if often 100% eliminated.

Formula 3Systematic Nutrabolism; this is the key for up to 84% of all your lean muscle growth. You will learn exactly what kind of fuel to provide for your body during your two-daily anabolic windows.

Lessons included here will take you from being out of shape to lean and ripped in no time. This part is often misunderstood and used incorrectly by those who try to get their bodies in shape and sometimes even the professionals. Done right, however, it will help you explode your muscles.

Formula 4Training Strain Factor; it shows you your exact nutritional needs for muscle maintenance. It is based on your detailed, personal characteristics and on your exact weight training regimen. It will show you what you need in order to easily maintain your new rock solid body.

These 4 formulas are what you need to get a body of your dreams.


What Real People Are Saying

Here are some testimonials of people who used this system. They come from the company’s website. Read and decide for yourself. You can also see the video of people talking about their own experiences with this product. Click here to see the video.


“I was amazed at how easy this formula was to use but not nearly as amaze at the results I got. I now feel like I can do anything that I put my mind to. Such an amazing feeling.”
– Brandon 20, – Toronto, Canada


“I was definitely one of the weaker guys when I showed up to basic training. I tried this program on a recommendation from my Cl. And I never looked back. I’m definitely the envy of everyone here on the base.”
– Chris, 20 – Portland, USA


“I figured that at my age my best years of building muscle without any fat were long gone. I tried the AMAZING system and I now have more muscle mass than I did when I was a teenager. Thanks Kyle.”
– David, 42 – Texas, USA


“In just 3 short weeks I was able to put on muscle at a rapid rate as well as unveil my 6 pack for the first time in years. This system works and I recommend it to ANYONE looking for personalized diet help.”
– Eric, 21 – South Africa





According to Kyle, soon you will be able to get the same system by joining the fitness club where it will cost you $198 a month or $2,400 a year.

The online price of The Somanabolic Muscle Maximize system is $47.




  1.  Somanabolic weight training

It will accelerate and maximize your muscle-growth based on your somatotype. This training helps you achieve your goal of gaining pure muscle fast and without any fat. It is a 9 week training program that will teach you:

  • What exact exercises, sets, and reps to do
  • Which exercises can send your anabolic muscle building hormones into overdrive and when to do them
  • The truth about when taking your muscles to failure will accelerate the muscle building process and when it will kill it
  • How much rest between sets is right for your somatotype
  • How to identify your true ‘growth sets’ during each and every workout
  • How to mentally and physically attack them
  • The truth about when and how to use both free weights and machines to pack on new muscle fast
  1.  Somanabolic supplementation

Here you will learn about bogus supplements fitness models and bodybuilders avoid like a plague and why you need to do the same, overview of four synergetic supplements that accelerate the muscle building process

  1.  Somanabolic unlimited upgrades

When new upgrades become available you will always get them free of charge.

  1.  7 days out

You will get access to a special program that can produce absolute “mirror magic” for your body in a week.

  •  You will look 10-20 pounds more muscular and 10-20 pounds leaner
  •  You will also discover water manipulation technique that brings you a dry, chiseled look that immediately turns heads when you shirt comes off
  • A closely guarded technique that will expand your muscle cells up to 50% more than ever before
  • How to bring out skin popping veins that will bring jealous whispers
  • When and how to strategically use certain carbohydrates to look like you’ve packed on 10-20 pounds of muscles overnight

These special bonuses alone are valued at $698.88.

The system also comes with no risk, 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason in the next 60 days you are not completely satisfied with your transformation, just send Kyle and email and you will get all your money back – no questions asked.

Can the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer really educate you a natural way to amplify muscle like what is being declared on its website? The owner of this new program cases that he can help any individual create a figure of difficult muscles in the area of 6 to 9 weeks. His name is Kyle Leon and he has consistently been a really eager and major body builder and coach.

1. Which is this Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Training Program Designed For?

This brand-new somanabolic muscle maximizer program is created for people that are major regarding acquiring appearing their physical body structure plateau and is definitely not produced guys that are simply preparing to work out the moment a week during the weekends (find out about somanabolic muscle maximizer reviews here). So far, it has actually genuinely been helping me develop loads of muscle and has substantially boosted my body figure so far. By following this program and also utilizing the step by step program, you will certainly be able to get the exact instructions that Kyle gives his customers as a fitness instructor along with his personal nutritional tips for creating top quality diet regimen strategies.

2. Exactly how is the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Program Helping Me Thus Far?

With this program, I did not acquire a generic weight loss plan that other members would certainly be obtaining the very same. Rather, all individuals will get their own personalized plan that is specifically catered for their very own body and weight. On the whole, this is a program that is only for weight students who take their job at the health club seriously. Complete detailed workout programs and various other beneficial dietary supplement info is additionally supplied to make sure that his customers get the most perks from their fitness center training efforts.

3. Just what Can You Expect the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Software to Do For You?

The very first point that I was urged to do when I initially opened the software application was to input my personal specifics such as my name, age, height, weight in pounds and body form. If you are uncertain about exactly what your body shape is, there will certainly be description offered every option to help make certain that you select the ideal choices.

As soon as the software program receives your customized information, it then generates specific diet regimen strategies with meal by meal instructions and exactly what nutrients you need to actually planning to get from your dishes. The software provides me with a suggested everyday intake of proteins, calories, carbs and fats that has really offered me far more electricity throughout the day and seeing even more muscle structure results with the training program.

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