Raw Foods and Green Smoothies

20 Apr

Healthforus It is interesting that drinking Green Smoothies for the past 8 weeks has also started me on a plant based or raw diet. I love to eat and never thought this would appeal to me, but the great feeling you get from drinking the Green Smoothie Mix just makes you want to continue that level of health in all your meals.

So, weight loss so far is 25 pounds. The first 10 days I was purely doing Green Smoothie Mix (a variety of vegetables and a scoop of Green Vibrance- see Day 8 post below) and a fruit smoothie. Staying on only Raw food juicing just started becoming overwhelming (some job and family stresses were coming at me) so instead of abandoning this healthy lifestyle, I opted to change it up a bit. I am now doing a Green Smoothie Mix for breakfast, usually a salad for lunch and a baked potato, or brown rice, or beans, etc. for dinner. I also have dessert! Usually fresh fruit with a little real whipped cream or home made fruit sorbet. The weight loss has slowed quite a bit, but I am still headed downward and that is positive. Oh, and then there is “Cheating” Sunday. On Sundays I can have one meal of anything I want. Sometimes, planning what that meal will be keeps me on the Healthy Path during the week. And it’s strange, but that one meal cures me of cravings and actually reinforces how great I feel without some over processed, fatty, foods.

Here is the Melon Sorbet Recipe if you would like to try it!

1 Honeydew melon (large)
3 tbs fresh lemon juice
dash of salt
2 tbs of Agave (natural sugar substitute that is better for your system – slower digestion time)

Cut the Honeydew melon into chunks. Blend until smooth in a Food Processor or Blender. Add in the lemon juice, salt and Agave and stir. Place in the refrigerator for one hour, until chilled. Place in an ice cream maker and follow the manufacturers directions. Our whole family likes it and I hope you do to.

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