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15 Mar

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Nopal cactus juice has been known as one of the popular health drinks. The juice is produced and marketed by TriVita a company that specializes in the field of health products. The juice has many health benefits and the benefits that are stated are based on scientific evidence. Unfortunately, its popularity has consequences. Not a few who stated that the health benefits are Nopalea scam.

Nopalea Juice or Prickly Pear Cactus Juice: What Is It?

Ever imagine drinking Cactus Pear Fruit Juice? If you ever try prickly pear juice, it means that you have drunken Cactus Pear Fruit juice. It is quite tasty, isn’t it? Cactus Pear Fruit, also known as Nopal cactus or prickly pear cactus, is indigenous to North American desert. This plant is commonly used in Mexican culinary. In addition, this plant has been used as traditional medicine to treat wounds and urinary and digestives tract inflammation in Mexico.

Nopalea Juice is made aseptically so the product has minimum contamination and thus it does not require any preservatives. TriVita manufactures this juice in such a way so that the active ingredients of Cactus Pear Fruit are not decomposed. Therefore, the health benefits that are promised will be preserved. The juice does not contain any artificial sweeteners. TriVita only uses natural sugar to make the juice more palatable. The product also contains other nutritious fruits, such as orange, Berries, pomegranate, apple, and many others.

Nopalea Juice Has Many Benefits

Nopalea Juice is great for your general health. Betalains contained in Cactus Pear Fruit has strong antioxidant activity that prevents premature aging. These compounds also have a role in detoxification. Betalains able to neutralize toxins that accumulate in your body by remove them from the body system. Another advantage of the juice is that it has anti-inflammatory activity. All of those swelling and pains associated to inflammation will gradually reduce. The juice also increases your immune system so that your body will fight better against infection.

There are many Nopalea juice reviews that reveal the health benefits of this juice. People that have been drinking this product said that Nopalea juice has positive benefits. There are some people who reported that it reduce digestive and breathing problems. Several researches showed that Cactus Pear Fruit is useful in hydrating our body, improving cholesterol levels, decreasing fat absorption, controlling appetite, reducing pain that is caused by kidney stones, and alleviating hangover symptoms. Dr. Mehmet Oz, a world-renowned doctor that frequently appear in The Oprah Show, also stress out the importance of Cactus Pear Fruit. His experiment reveals that this plant helps our body to regulate blood sugar. This result suggested that the juice might help in people with diabetes.

This TriVita product is all natural-made without the addition of any synthetic ingredients. Thus, this product is safe and tolerated by almost everyone. In fact, from many people that have been drinking the products, there are reports about Nopalea juice side effects. The only thing to consider is that if you have any allergy to the fruits contained in the product, it is better if you do not drink it. If you are taking medication, it is recommended that you consult your doctor to avoid any unwanted interaction before taking Nopalea Juice.



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