Penis Advantage How It Works

18 Feb

Healthforus For those men that have been seeking natural penis enlargement methods, Penis Advantage has been developed as a 100% natural system that does not require the use pills or drugs or surgery. Its Nothing more than making use of your hands to extend your manhood by anything from 1 to 4 inches with guaranteed results from this program.

How It Works

The system involves using a set of special penis enlargement exercises that should be performed for only 6 minutes every day for up to 4 weeks. The system targets specific parts of your body. There are 3 chambers, of which two are larger and located at the top, running along the penis, while there is one small one located and running at the bottom of the penis.

An erection occurs when the two chambers at the top fill up with blood which causes your manhood to grow bigger. The size is decided by how much blood can fill into the two bigger chambers.

The key to enlargement with the aid of this system is to use the special techniques laid out in the program. These techniques are designed to increase the amount of blood that the chambers will hold. You see, the more blood the chambers can hold the greater the size and girth of your manhood.

Penis Advantage works by breaking down the cell walls through the special exercises that will make your chambers larger. The breaking down process enables the chambers to then repair stronger and bigger to allow more blood to flow into them. The result is a larger and thicker manhood that will give greater pleasure to your partner all for a few minutes a day of exercise.


The program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee as well as offering guaranteed results. So if you are unsatisfied anytime within 60 days of trying the program, you can get a full refund and your money back.

My Personal Review

I have never thought of myself as under endowed but like many men wanted to be bigger so I could give greater pleasure to my girlfriend and also get a bit more self confidence. I was just curious and one day and did a search for how I could make myself bigger.

My search on the internet brought me to the Penis Advantage website. Looking at the claims I thought that it seemed a bit too simplistic to get any results so I went back to surfing the net.

I didn’t find anything else that really caught my eye so I went back to Penis Advantage and thought why not give it a try since it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. Also I learned that you can download the eBook directly to an eReader. I own an iPad, so this was ideal for me as I could download the program and get started immediately with the system with my iPad.

Well, after 6 weeks, i am noticeable much thicker and is at least an inch bigger. All it took was just a few minutes exercise each day following the step by step guide contained in the eBook. If like me you are thinking of enlarging your manhood, then I would recommend you give the Penis Advantage program a try.


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