Paleo Diet Recipes

28 Feb

Healthforus The Paleolithic diet, or Paleo diet for short, focuses on creating and maintaining eating habits that are aligned with how humans used to eat before processed foods entered our diets. Also referred to as the “caveman diet”, adherents are encouraged to stay away from all dairy products, refined sugar, salt and any other processed ingredients. The diet instead advises people to eat things that are found naturally such as fruit, vegetables, roots, nuts, fish and meat that is taken from animals that were raised freely. By returning to the food that our ancestors used to eat and eliminating what wasn’t available to them from our own diets, the creators of the Paleo diet believe that the body can return to the state it was intended to be in.

With many diets people immediately think of bland and unfulfilling food, but the Paleo diet offers unique and delicious options for its adherents. An example would be a shrimp and mango salad which calls for mixing a couple of diced mangos, some diced avocados, finely chopped onion and cilantro and a pound of peeled and cooked shrimp. Vinaigrette consisting of simply lime juice and olive oil can be used to garnish the salad and complete this healthy dietary option.

If you are looking for a meat-based meal in your Paleo diet, consider cooking a garlic chicken dish. Using natural and unprocessed oil, cook some onion, carrots, celery and any other vegetables you may particularly enjoy. Lay these vegetables along the bottom of a baking dish and then add on top of that several pounds of chicken that has been diced up. Finally add a significant amount of garlic (some recipes call for up to twenty to thirty cloves) to the dish and bake for an hour at 350F. I made things simple for you. I am in this field for almost a decade. I have tried countless Paleo recipes and recipe books. Among them I have found the best of the best is 1000 Paleo recipe book. This one is simple yet extremely informative and something worth to give a try. Within this recipe book you are going to get Paleo recipes which are great for health and appropriate for a good Paleo diet plan. Well what I adore of the book is it is actually full of different kind of Paleo recipes such as egg, red meat, fish, smoothie, breakfast, dessert, chicken, salad, soup, snacks, side dishes, shell fish and sea foods, appetizer, pork, offal and organs, vegetables etc. This is incredible and really fabulous to find lots of different recipes within just one book! So read my review and tell me your experience on the book.

Finally, there is no reason to skip dessert just because you are following the Paleo lifestyle! Take your favorite fruit (mango works particularly well) and mix about four of them with some pure coconut milk in a blender or food processor. After, take your product and fill some ice-cube trays with it and allow it to freeze. Afterwards, you have a healthy dessert option or even fun ice cubes!


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