Nopalea Wellness Challenge: How the Loading Phase Could Mean the Difference between Success and Failure

30 Jan

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If you watched our Nopalea Wellness Challenge video on the home page, this information will not come as a surprise at all since Chief Science Officer at TriVita, Brazos Minshew, does such a wonderful job at explaining how the loading phase dictates success with Nopalea.  For those of you that have not watched the video, either keep reading this post or go watch it now!

What is the Loading Phase?

The loading phase is a 30 day high dose period that is meant to saturate your body with antioxidant rich Nopalea juice. During this period of time, one should drink between 3 and 6 ounces of cactus juice a day.

How one takes the allotted amount is purely up to them. Some people choose to take all 3-6 ounces of juice in one sitting in the morning, others take it all in the evening and still others divide the “dose” up into 2 doses – one consumed in the morning and the other in the evening.

Personally, I prefer the 3rd option – taking 3 ounces in the morning and 3 in the evening. The reason for this is that it ensures a constant supply of juice within the body working to detoxify and target toxins, viruses and anything else that may need to be removed from the body to ensure optimal health is restored.

Additionally, it does not matter if one chooses to mix Nopalea with other juices or types of fluids. Though I love the taste of the juice by itself and choose to drink it that way, I know of several people that choose to add Nopalea to their morning shake – particularly those who also take TriVita’s weight loss product, Leanology.

Why the Loading Phase is Essential to Success

The reason the loading phase is the premise for the Nopalea wellness challenge is that bodily damage does not happen overnight… In fact, the damage done by chronic inflammation builds up over time and continues to build due to exposure to additional damaging toxins and poisons being ingested or a person coming in contact with daily.

To give an example of how this works, consider what it’s like to dig a deep hole in dry sand. You reach your hand in the hole and scoop out some sand only to watch additional particles slip their way back in and replace the sand you just removed. If, however, you wet the area you are about to dig, you’ll find it much easier to dig the hole.  As you scoop out a handful of sand, you the wet edges of the hole help keep the surrounding sand in place and less falls back in.  This is much the same thing that Nopalea does in the body! See Nopalea Juice Reviews for you to see how the juice is working. Also you can read other articles on this website on Nopalea and here almost 50 articles has been written and shared so that you shouldn’t run out.

The antioxidants in Nopalea act sort of like binding agents.  They offer up missing electrons to free radical molecules in an effort to stop the rampant destruction of chemical bonds and bind to or engulf toxins or poisons so they can be washed out of the system.

Beyond the Loading Phase – Why Must I Continue Taking the Juice?

Though taking Nopalea for the full 30-day loading phase through the Nopalea wellness challenge will help repair the damage done by chronic inflammation, it cannot “cure” illness – it merely facilitates repair and helps ease the symptoms while the body does the true remedying.

Consider the first 30 days simply a quick cleansing and reset period on your immune system… After that, Nopalea must be continued for maintenance purposes – to ensure the inflammation switch doesn’t break again and the body can properly start targeting and repairing that chronic inflammation has done over time.

The good news is that during the maintenance phase, one can reduce their intake of Nopalea per day so that supply of the product lasts longer.

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