Nopalea Scam: True or Untrue

5 Feb

Healthforus Cactus juice drink

Nopalea scam is still debated until now. Nopalea juice claims to offer many health advantages, from reducing inflammation to alleviating pain, detoxifying to preventing aging, and even lowering your blood cholesterol level. The health effects of Nopalea drink are very vast thus people are wondering whether these effects are true or not. Is Nopalea drinking a magic health drink? Or it is merely only a marketing strategy of the world-renown TriVita?

A Juice That Keeps You Healthy

Nopalea drink all come from natural ingredients. Actually Nopal cactus which is known as prickly pear cactus is the main ingredients for Nopalea juice drink. This product does not contain any synthetic substances, including flavoring agent, colorants, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives. Therefore, Nopalea side effects are minimal. The main ingredient of Nopalea cactus juice drink is the fruit of prickly pear. The cactus plant, also known as Nopal, grows very well in northern Mexico and Southwestern United States- a typical dry region. The use of Nopal as herbal medicine has a long history in Mexico. That is one of the reasons why Nopalea scam is untrue. Besides, the cactus plant is also a staple part of Mexican.

TriVita claimed that their product posses many health benefits. Many have said that this is just another Nopalea scam. Betalains, a group of red and yellow pigment, accounts for the activity of Nopalea. Betalains have strong anti-oxidant activity. They are also proven to have anti-inflammatory activity thus Nopalea is able to reduce pain associated with inflammation and swelling. Dr. Oz, a famous surgeon, once told about the hypoglycemic activity of Nopalea. Therefore, Nopalea are suitable for people who have diabetes since this cactus juice drink help your body to regulate blood sugar. In addition, Nopal juice can boost our immune system, control appetite, and, decrease the absorption of fat.

Those who said about Nopalea scam are completely wrong. Some people who doubt the effectiveness of Nopalea do not have to worry anymore. There are many scientific researches that explore the activity of Nopalea. In fact, there are currently 287 research papers which experiment about pharmacology and photochemistry of Nopalea. Every TriVita products are made based on scientific finding thus giving the very best for its customers.

Nopalea Scam: Customer Reviews

There is no better way to prove Nopalea scam than seeing its customer reviews. Many have proven the effectiveness of Nopalea. Many customer reviews stated that drinking this product help in reducing inflammation and pain. There are also customers who showed improvement in their allergy and respiratory problem. Nopalea drink drinkers feel so much healthier after drinking the product. Although this juice is pricy but it is worthy. On the other hand, there are a few people stated about Nopalea complaints. They said that they feel no difference and buying the product is a waste.

When we compare the positive reviews to negative reviews, we can clearly see that positive results from the use of Nopalea far exceed the negative reviews. As a smart customer, we can see that there is different result. But the numbers of negative results are minimal. Besides, it is obvious that Nopalea or the cactus juice drink has no negative effects. This product supports our general health and improving several health problems. From all of the above explanations, we can see the unjustified of Nopalea scam.

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