Nopalea (Nopal Juice) Ingredients and Its Benefits

17 Apr

Healthforus Nopal Cactus Juice

Nopalea is a super fruit concentrate which helps in reducing inflammation. Cellular inflammation is the root cause of many diseases and recent research has proved Nopalea can help in reduction of this inflammation. TriVita is one of the major producers of Nopalea cactus juice.

Nopalea Ingredients

The Nopal juice ingredients include Super Sublingual B12 and Sublingual B12.The main Nopalea ingredient is cactus juice; it also includes small quantities of grape seed extract and the extracts of strawberry and raspberry. The main Nopal juice ingredient is the prickly cactus fruit which is known as the Opuntia concentrate scientifically known as Opuntiaficus-indicaon the bottle of the juice.

Nopalea means cactus and it’s not just the name of the supplement which is used in it to make it more effective. The cactus plant bears deep red flowers and a pear shaped fruit which is prickly to touch. The fruit is thus called “prickly pear”. Nopalea ingredients primarily include the juice of the cactus fruit which helps reduce inflammation with the help of compounds called Betalains.

Nopalea ingredients claim to reduce inflammation and hence cut down the risk of many health issues including those related to the heart. Nopalea ingredients are also known to boost the immune system and focus on protecting the brain. Nopalea ingredients included in the juice make it more of a wellness drink which has no side effects whatsoever. Trivita Nopalea claims to reduce inflammation and regularize the cellular system in the body. It also works towards removing toxins from the body and help in proper functioning of the digestive system and regular bowel movement.

Scientific research has confirmed Nopal juice ingredients can provide a number of health benefits and regular consumption can work wonders for an individual. It can also help to reduce the number of health issues and help in living a longer and healthier life. Betalains belong to a rare group of supplements which play an important role in removing toxins from the body. This works well to reduce the inflammation in cells and restore it to its normal level. Nopalea drink ingredients also include agave nectar which works as a natural sweetener and helps enhance the antioxidant properties in the drink. It also contains enzymatic supplements which help in digestion and helps the body absorb the drink better.

Injuries increase the inflammation in the body and Nopalea ingredients work well towards healing the body and thus reducing the inflammation. The drink also helps in reducing any infections which might be caused due to environmental factors. Nopalea juice ingredients are also known to reduce the risks of heart diseases, arthritis and strokes. Nopalea ingredients can also help in reducing and removing various toxics in the body which are caused due to lifestyle factors. The drink thus helps in avoiding early aging, restores the skins elasticity and avoids the skin from getting wrinkles. Nopalea ingredients are also known to boost energy. It is also known to relieve hangovers and reduce pain caused from stones in the kidney.


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