Nopalea Cochenillifera; a Useful Cactus

2 Apr


Nopalea juice reviews

Nopalea Cochenillifera is a plant that we usually refer to cactus. Usually Nopalea Cochenillifera is having bigger size than the plain cactus. So you can’t plant them in your house. You will see this plant on a botanical garden. Since it is one of the useful plants, Mexican people use the young pads of this plant as a vegetable called Nopalea. And it is sold on the market. So it isn’t hard for you to find them. Unlike cactus, this plant is having fruits and flowers. The color of the fruits is red, and the flowers color is pink.

Nopalea Cochenillifera usually grows up to 12 feet tall or about 3.6 meters. Diameter is up to 8 inches or about 20 cm. There is no sure explanation for the origin of this plant. But from the information I got, the origin of this plant is around native to Mexico or probably central of America. In order to make this plant grow, we need to have full sun. It means that this plant grows if there is sun. If there’s no sun at all, then this plant won’t grow.

Medicinal Uses of Nopalea Cochenillifera Juice

Nopalea Cochenillifera can also be used as a medicine. It is because this plant has that range of alkaloids, such as Phenetylamines. It also has that compounds that may have biological activity include 3-methoxytyramine, Candicine, and Hordenine. The prickly pear contains the Betalain, Betanin, and Indicaxanthin. It has the highest levels in their fruits. They don’t really say what the uses of those things are. But for sure, this plant is very useful for our health. Since it has so many substances on it, it surely is important for making a specific medicine which I haven’t known yet.

Before going through to the article read my Nopalea reviews which will give you clear conception on how good the Nopal juice can be for your health. It doesn’t only produce a great medicine. It could also be a hair conditioner. The gel-like sap of prickly pears will be a good conditioner for you. Especially for women. If you are having troubles with your hair, like for example hair loss, you can try to take this Nopalea Cochenillifera as your conditioner. But I guess you should take it off yourself. Because it seems like no stores are selling hair conditioner that was made from this plant. You can grow this plant at your home. Just make sure you do take care of it well. It might be dead if you don’t take care of it.

Nopalea Cochenillifera Genus

Every plant, even animals have their own genus. In biology, we all know that there are certain kingdoms that would differ every plants and animals. So you can differ between one plant and other plants. The same family would have the same shape, if I’m not mistaken. So this plant genus is Opuntia. I don’t really know about biology. But it seems like this plant is one of cactus’ types. We all know cactus. And they have various shapes and also colors. But we probably don’t know the name. So once you see this plant, maybe you will realize that that plant is the Nopalea Cochenillifera.

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