Nopalea Cactus, a Plant with Many Benefits

20 Mar

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Nopalea cactus is one of the cactus trees which have many benefits for human’s health. Everyone certainly wants to have a healthy body and we try to search how to maintain our body properly. Many people do bad habits and sometimes it makes their body worse. There are many ways you can do to keep your health. Maybe you can do exercises, manage your eating time well, consuming multivitamins, and many more. However, whatever you do to maintain your health, you need to make sure if the way is good for you or not.

Nopalea? What Is It?

Nopal cactus comes from Southwest and has been used for many Mexican dishes, such as huevos con Nopales (egg with Nopal), Nopal salad with Panela Cheese, tacos de Nopalea, came con Nopalea (meat with nopal), and many more. The pads from cactus are harvested without damaging the cactus plant and this is the part that you can eat. This plant is also well known as prickle pear or Opuntiaficus-indica. There are many important minerals and vitamins contained in Nopalea health plant and it’s very useful for human’s body to maintain your health.


Many people ask about what is Nopalea and haven’t known yet about the benefits of this plant. Usually, you can find this plant in form of wellness drink or juice, so it can be consumed easily. Nopalea has a rare antioxidant that is called Betalains. This form of antioxidant is found in rainbow Swiss chard and beets. They have responsible also to give the pinkish-red pigment to this plant. Antioxidant in human’s body is necessary to catch free radicals or unstable molecules before they destroy anything in your body.

Based on Nopalea scientific studies, this plant can prevent the inflammation happened in your body. Nopalea has a number of ethanol extract and it can prevent the leukocyte or white blood cell migration. The leukocyte is the catalyst of inflammatory development disease. So this plant is really good as inflammation fighting. As we know that chronic inflammation in human’s body can be happened because body can’t control its own immune response.  White blood cells should be “called” when you twisted your ankle or bumped your knee. I personally drink Nopalea and here are my Nopalea reviews which will give you an overview of how good the juice is.

Nopalea drink also can lower bad cholesterol and decrease blood sugar level in human’s body. This plant has rich pectin that can reduce LDL cholesterol levels by decreasing the sugar absorption in the intestines and stomach. There is a study says that Nopal will drop 28 percent of total cholesterol levels (tested in animal body). Nopal fruit also can reduce the concentration of glucose in the body right away after eating. This fruit is good to be mixed in a high carbohydrate Mexican diet menu for type 2 diabetes patient.

These are above just some benefits of Nopal fruit. There are other benefits which are certainly useful for your body. This plan is natural product, so you don’t need to be worry about the contents. It will be safe for your body. It’s good to think more about your health because being healthy is priceless. If you want to maintain your health, one of the ways to do is consuming Nopalea juice.


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