Nopal Juice – What Is It and How Effective Is It?

12 Feb

Healthforus Nopal Juice

Nopalea is a health drink made with Nopal cactus and some other natural ingredients that can help reduce the risk of disease as well as improve the health people. This drink has also been proven to be helpful in attacking bodily toxins, reducing the effect of aging, repairing bodily tissue damaged by toxicity and inflammation and so on. The drink is taken in form of a juice known as “TriVita Nopalea Juice” and it is been produced and marketed by TriVita, Inc, a global health and Wellness Company with the mission of helping people achieve their wellness goals and life purposes.

Ingredients of Nopal Juice Drink

Some of the Nopalea ingredients used in the production of the TriVita Nopalea Juice include the guava, grape seed, raspberry, cranberry and strawberry extracts, agave nectar, lemon and peach concentrates, Stevie, guar gum, xanthium gum, water, Apricot extract, Tomato concentrate fruit, Kiwi concentrate, Hemicelluloses, Natural flavor, Green Tea extract , papain , Beet juice, Cherry powder, Mango extract and few other things.

But of all the ingredients contained in this juice, the most important one is the Nopal cactus fruit which also known as prickly pear cactus (the name “Nopalea” was derived from the name of this ingredient).  Nopal cactus is a plant native to Mexico and was considered a “super fruit” to the natives, because of its many benefits to human health. Nopal cactus can help in lowering cholesterol and also contains antioxidants that can detoxify the body and diminish inflammation in the body. I wrote a review on Nopal juice which might be very interesting one for you if you are thinking for to take this wellness drink.

The fruit of the prickly pear is rich in Betalains which are natural nutrients helpful in the reduction of inflammation by blocking the enzymes that cause it (inflammation). The Betalains present in the TriVita Nopalea Juice can help to neutralize the body’s inner toxins. This is very good for the protection of the cells. Studies have also suggested Nopal cactus as a remedy for diabetics because it can help in the reduction of blood glucose levels.

 Benefits Of Nopal Juice

There are many health benefits one can derive from Nopalea. Here are few of such benefits:

Reduction of inflammation – The presence of Betalain in Nopalea helps in quick reduction of inflammation. It will remove toxins and excess water in order to rebalance the body cells. Inflammation had been linked to a wide variety of conditions including pain, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, gum disease and so on, so it is better controlled.

Protection against premature aging – Premature aging can be caused by many factors including, exposure to the sun, poor diet, stress and inactivity. But the most common factors, however, are inflammation, muscle and joint pain and poor circulation.  Nopalea can slow down premature aging since its main target is inflammation.

Pain relief – This product is also known to be very helpful in the relief of body pain related to swelling.

Relief of breathing difficulties – Some of the breathing difficulties linked to asthma and allergies are as a result of inflammation around the bronchial tubes. Nopalea can help restore breathing to normal or semi-normal by reducing the inflammation around the bronchial tubes.

Detoxify the body – Nopal juice helps the body to eliminate toxic compounds on an everyday foundation allowing the cells in the body perform optimally.

Other great benefits that can be derived from the consumption of Nopalea are:

  • It helps in the increase of energy.
  • It helps in the boost of the immune system.
  • It helps to decrease the rate of achy, swollen joints and muscles.
  • It may come handy for people looking for weight loss solution.
  • It can be used to cure diabetes or even as an ideal drink for its patients.
  • It can generally help reduce the risk of disease as well as improve the health.
  • It has a pleasant taste which makes it super easy for consumption.

Who Can Consume Nopalea Drink?

This wellness drink is good for everyone. It is just a fruit juice. It can be taken by anyone who wishes to live a healthy life as well as those who wish to use it for treatment of inflammation.

 Nopalea Dosage

Although TriVita suggests taking 1 to 3oz of this juice every day, you can take more as you wish. However, studies suggested that consumption should be based on the level of inflammation. This means you should take more of this juice if you have greater inflammation.

Side Effects of Nopalea

The Nopalea reviews and testimonials from the consumers recommended that this health product lacks any form of negative effect and only gives positive results. But when it comes to consuming it with other health product(s), it is suggested that you consult your physician first for advice.


With the many great health benefits attached to Nopalea juice, it is an ideal drink for everybody. And with inflammation being linked to most of the common diseases now, this drink is invaluable.

Nopalea is all-natural and contains no artificial ingredient. Even the colors, sweet and flavors are all natural.


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