Is Nopalea Gluten Free?

9 Mar


Gluent Free Nopalea

Well I am getting some Nopalea relevant questions especially on comment sections like this one mentioned on the title. So I decided to create some blog posts answering to the questions. Of course I am not going to make a long answer. After getting questions like this one I just contact with Trivita’s support center and every time I got responses from them within few hours. I must endorse their support is fabulous! Well Here I am just telling you what I know by the answers. I am neither a Nopalea expert nor a food or nutrition expert. So the answers are actually suturing by the help of Trivita (manufacturer of Nopalea) support center. Hope my answers to your curiosity will help you to know more in depth about Nopalea health drink.

Well according to Trivita’s reply to whether the drink is Gluten free or not…. no, there is no gluten-containing ingredient in Nopal Juice. Even none of the ingredients directly contain any kind of grain-gluten or corn-proteins which is actually similar to grain gluten. Well the support professional also acknowledged there is a possibility that some of the ingredients like Dextran and Maltodextrin are produced in mills where some gluten containing products might have been processing. Because of this, cross-contamination is a very real possibility even in the fruit and vegetable powder. Trivita actually doesn’t check whether Nopalea is containing Gluten or not after manufacturing the juice. They just ensure the ingredients used for Nopalea are not containing Glutens.

Trivita’s support professional said to me that they could have promoted the product as “gluten-free” and they would have been within their legal right to use that claim since there is no gluten-containing ingredient in Nopalea. However, many people are so sensitive that even minute amounts of cross-contaminated product might damage their health. Nopalea simply don’t want to take that risk and that is why they have elected to exclude the “gluten-free” claim to respect their health concerns.

Well if you listen to me then my opinion is, there might be very little amount of Gluten in the juice which is not going to hurt your health at all. Moreover still it is a probability as all ingredients are free from Gluten which is ensured by Trivita’s support professional. So if you don’t care very small amount of Gluten (which is just a possibility for cross-contamination) then go for it. But even if still hesitating then order a free bottle of Nopalea from Trivita and then check in your nearest Lab to clear your confusion. You might don’t know Trivita is offering 1 free bottle for anyone who want to give the juice a try.

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