Having Trouble Fitting Green Smoothies in Your Schedule?

17 Feb

Healthforus Green Smoothies
. . . For of itself doth the earth bear fruit, first a blade, afterwards an ear, afterwards full corn in the ear;

Mark 4:28Young’s Literal Translation (YLT)

Have you struggled with fitting green smoothies into your schedule? Although you know their benefits,—healthy, easy to prepare, filling, and tasty—you have a busy schedule and some days it’s hard to find the time, desire, or energy to add one more thing to your agenda.

Going green is a process. It is making daily choices that lead toward improved health.

As a newbie to green smoothie enjoyment, I still struggle to eat healthy 100%. Evening is my difficult time. Yesterday, I wanted to be sure and drink that last pint of Green Smoothie before I was full from supper. My solution was to drink it mid-afternoon instead of a piece of fruit. Sounded good—but had its fallout in the evening. Without my smoothie to sip while my husband enjoyed his buttered popcorn, I prepared my own large bowl, and then I continued to consume crackers with crab salad—none of which I needed. This morning’s stomach rumblings attested to the fact, and forget about getting on the scale.

But that was yesterday, and I’ve learned from the experience. I will have a light, nutritious mid-afternoon snack, and I’ll enjoy my smoothies in the evening after a lighter supper. I’m not going to beat myself up, but continue my progress toward optimal health.

Today I’m sharing this morning’s delicious smoothie. It’s one your family and friends could enjoy as a first introduction.

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