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15 Feb

Healthforus Penis Advantage Review

Want a bigger dick? Duh.  Of course you do… but you don’t want to break it in the process and you don’t want to mess with with dangerous and embarrassing gadgets or penis enlarge pills…come on, get frickin’ real.  If you buy the penis pills myth I’ve got some snake oil to sell you…and perhaps some land in Florida too.


What really works to enlarge the penis?  Exercises.  Tried and true, simple, yet effective.  The problem is that so many people are doing them completely wrong.  And that can translate into…a broken dick or even worse…shrinkage.  Didn’t know that was a side effective of overworking your penis?  Well, it is.  And we’re trying to grow our penis here not shrink it right.  (More on this later..)

Here’s the bottom line with pumps and gadgets…you don’t need them.  All you need are your bare hands and plan.  Hey that rhymes.  But seriously, when I started with PE I found some free forums and some free techniques and I gave them a go.  What could it hurt, right?

Well, I ended up in frustration for like 4 months.

I can’t really remember exactly, it was a long time ago, but the fact is that I worked my ass off with these “exercises” that I found online and I barely gained a centimeter in any direction.  I was bummed big time.  But I was undeterred in my quest, there had to be a way.

So, back to the internet I went.  And I found a lot of guys promising the world…especially on porn sites, isn’t that just convenient?  Then one day I happened upon Penis Advantage, it looked like a legit site, I DID NOT buy their claim that I was going to grow an inch in something like six weeks.  But…there was a guarantee…I had just met this girl with a ass so fine that it should be illegal…enough said…I bought the Penis Advantage program… and I did with a smile on my face.

In the back of my mind I was still skeptical, but it seemed reasonable on some level, I just thought…this is it.  And there was a guarantee…so WTF, right?

A Pro Hand Routine Vs. Free Junk (Penis Advantage Review — Truths Revealed)

Well, here’s the dealio…the difference between this PE program and the free stuff was light years, well the results anyway, some of the techniques were similar.  But, it turned out that I was overworking my dick and I had no idea.    Those routines that you often find online are just brutal and aren’t going to work.  These guys have a strategy that’s literally super easy and takes almost no time at all.  And within two weeks I was finally gaining.

At that point my erection was starting to really firm up too, I was getting hard-ons like I was 13 ( I sh*t you not).  It was astounding, but I wanted even bigger and faster gains, especially in the girth department.  So, I started reading about health and natural supplements and other such topics.  (Many those penis pills guys were on to something?)

Well, indeed they are…but only the stuff they put in those pills is absolute junk.  I found my own herbal recipe, and it’s dirt cheap.  I also started running, opening up my veins and capillaries even more.  Lord have mercy, within a couple of month’s I was like a new man.

So basically…Penis Advantage + Herbal Recipe + Cardio = Huge Dick.

Wondering what happened to the girl with the big fine ass??  She turned out to be a whack (as usual), but I pounded that thing twelve weeks to Sunday and now she calls me all the time.  The thing is…I have other prospects to satisfy.  Many, many others.

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