“Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”, the Movie Green Smoothie and Raw Foods

7 Feb


Somewhere during the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” I was struck with an Epiphany that is radically changing my life. I recently turned 62 and like many of the “Baby Boomers” find my financial plans for retirement not nearly as robust as I hoped they might be at this time. So I am doubling my efforts at work and hoping housing prices will rise. Let me stress the word “Effort” at work, having gained, OMG, 55 extra lbs. over the past few years is leaving me breathless while competing with younger employees.   It was time to lose weight.

My wife and I sat, nay plopped down, to watch the movie thinking, yea right as if this alone could save me from myself. However the inspiration I received after watching a nearly 500 lb. truck driver completely alter his life in only 60 days grabbed me by the Jowls, made me sit up and start taking notes.  The story started with a chap from Australia touring the US while consuming only vegetable and fruit juice which he made with a Juicer/Blender he brought with him. Daily trips to the “Farmers Market” each day brought him new taste adventures while honing in on what was freshest each visit.   His favorite recipe was for a Green Smoothie.

I am only on day 4 of my 60 day journey but already feeling at least perhaps in mind as though I am finial taking hold of the rest of my life. Each day I discover resurgence in the belief that if others can achieve nirvana so must I. The change that overcame that truck driver was amazing not only in the lost weight but in the brightness in his face, his eyes actually appeared to shine from the physical changes taking place in his body. I want that for myself, I want people at work to say “What happened to Ben? He seems so different! He has change so much and looks great!”

For 60 days I will be consuming only glasses of juice three to four times a day made from dark, green leafy vegetables and one or two of juice derived from fruit. Plus one scoop of an amazing product called “Green Vibrance”. Wait, before you go further please read my article on “10 day green smoothie cleanse reviews” to know more about green smoothie recipes. Well now start reading again…. I highly recommend this product as a supplement at least once a day in the Green Smoothie mix. Everyone needs more green vegetables in their diet, in fact, for the best health only vegetables.

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