Does Nopalea Work?

18 Feb

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“Does it work?” It’s one of the most common questions people ask before trying out a product. That’s perfectly understandable. In fact, it’s highly recommended you ask that question before you do anything. It’s just making sure you’re investing your money right. If you’re getting a supplement, the question aims to let you know if it provides you the results you’re looking for and that it doesn’t place your health in a dangerous compromise.

So does Nopalea work?

To answer that question, let’s talk about the makeup of TriVita Nopalea, the so-called Nopalea ingredients. Nopalea is a cactus juice, and its extract is derived from Nopal plant which is well known as prickly pear mainly. This succulent cactus grows in the vast Mexican deserts, as well as in Arizona and California. That of Nopalea comes from the Sonoran deserts.

The main component of Nopalea cactus juice is Betalains. These are anti-oxidants that are found in beets and provide them their color. However, unlike beets, the cactus plants have more Betalains all 24 of them. That basically tells you how powerful the cactus plants are.

To be more specific, Betalains, as antioxidants, connect themselves to the free radicals and toxins in the body. They hound the cells, zapping whatever nutrients they can get out of them. If the process goes on for a very long time, it’s highly likely you’ll develop chronic inflammation. When inflammation becomes chronic, you then experience premature aging. Your joints hurt, you suffer from allergies all the time, and worse, you become more susceptible to more debilitating illnesses including heart disorders, diabetes, and cancer.

By attaching themselves to these harmful body elements, they are able to control their fast development, delaying their dangerous effects on the body cells. If you are able to start out with Nopalea early, you may also be able to halt the continuous development of toxins for a very long time.

Though a lot of those who take the drink are already suffering from joint pains, arthritis, and a variety of body inflammation issues, it doesn’t mean you have to be sick to buy a bottle. For optimum cellular health, drink 1 to 3 ounces of Nopalea on a daily basis.

I’ve tried it. I Don’t Feel Anything.

Is it possible you can’t get the most of Nopalea? Yes, it is. A lot of factors can actually prevent it from giving you the satisfaction you need. It’s possible your inflammation is so chronic you already require more than just supplements. This is also the reason why we’d always tell users to consult their physicians first before they take anything. Those who are currently pregnant or lactating may have to refrain taking the supplement.

Moreover, just like conventional medications, they don’t have to work all the time. In general, however, Nopalea has helped majority of those who have consumed it. It’s definitely not impossible it will also work for you. In short I would say, Yes the prickly pear cactus juice or what you call it Nopalea drink is working. Especially against inflammation. So you might give it a try. It doesn’t going to hurt you indeed. Instead you can see some good health benefit may be.

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