Chicken Diet, Good for Health?

15 Feb


Low in fat, high on protein, and great tasting, chicken is a popular choice for diets. For some, in fact, going on a complete chicken diet is ideal and preferable to other reducing diet plans. There are different ways in which a chicken diet can be conducted.

For example, there are chicken soup diets that please many eaters. Considered to be a fad diet, the recommendation is that this particular plan not be done without a doctor’s permission and then only be used for a short period of time.

Basically, a chicken soup diet begins with a low fat breakfast to start off the day. Typically, this is any normal low calorie breakfast meal. For lunch, you would have chicken soup that includes plenty of vegetables in the broth. This soup is consumed throughout the rest of the day, including dinnertime and as snacks. Aside from having orange juice in the morning with breakfast, only water is to be consumed as a beverage for the rest of the day. If you are Paleo diet seeker then read my review on 1000 Paleo Recipe Book here.

Another way to partake of a chicken diet is simply to make chicken your meal however you want as long as your calorie intake does not go above 1200, half of which should specifically be attributed to the chicken itself. This diet includes plenty of vegetables, cereals, and juices.

You can also use the chicken diet as a short term remedy to losing weight. This could be appropriate for losing a few pounds before an upcoming event you want to look your best at. To accomplish this, you would eat only chicken for three days, and each day would consist of six small meals. No sugar, salt, or spices are consumed.

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  1. William April 15, 2014 at 11:47 am #

    Yes ofcorse Chicken diet is good for health but we need to balanced this diet, also eat vegetables, meat and seafood’s. it is very useful post thanks for sharing by the way.

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