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1 Mar

Healthforus I do everything I can to get the best color into my diet in the form of GREEN FOODS. Raw, organic, home-grown, wild in fields, powdered and dehydrated, I think I’ve tried them all.

Why? Ounce for ounce, green foods have more powerfully healing and nourishing properties than any other food. They’re packed with chlorophyll, the plant equivalent of hemoglobin in the human body’s red blood cells. Our counterparts, chimpanzees, with whom we share over 98 percent of our DNA, eat at least 40 percent of their diet as raw greens.

Many studies document that green foods as a big part of a raw diet protect us against cholesterol, high blood pressure, and cancer—and they strengthen our immune system. Consuming chlorophyll gets rid of bad breath and internal odors and mops up free radicals. Leafy greens in particular are the most important ones in our diet (more than peas and beans, for instance), and they’re also in scant supply in most families’ menus.

Green Foods

I bought many greens in powdered form, tasted them, used them to experience the health benefits, and carefully combed through ingredient lists. I compared prices. Some products were fair, some good, some really good but terribly expensive. I was using one green food product that was $96 for 16 oz.! Some I gagged on when I drank them, especially at the bottom of the bottle. I’ll tell you some of my biggest frustrations along the way to finding the best product for the best price.

You probably already knew that you need to buy green foods—you’re aware that you want alkalinity in your body’s cells, tissues, and fluids to combat the acids of refined foods, pollution, stress, and so much more. When I say green foods, I’m talking about young cereal grasses and greens that have much greater nutrient density than green vegetables like peas and lettuce.

The megaherz of energy in green foods can be found nowhere else. Powdered greens can have up to 60 mghz of electrical energy, compared to chicken and beef’s energy of 2 mghz (which is the same measured energy of a cancerous tumor, by the way). A really great greens-food product has so much energy it literally jumps off the measuring spoon.

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