A Green Food Diet How does Ormus Greens Green Drink taste?

27 Mar


It tastes lovely, with light Stevie as sweetener, and peppermint leaf! You could cleanse with a green food diet for several days or even weeks drinking nothing but this, preferably in alkaline water—you’d have all the nutrition and protein you need. It’s a great step towards a raw diet, as it’s dehydrated below 100 degrees, preserving all the live enzymes.

Sometimes I do a liver and kidney cleanse with two tsp. green drink, 2 Tbsp. each of fresh lemon juice and maple syrup, and a pinch of cayenne in each of three quarts of alkaline water daily (and no food).

Green Food Diet

Dried green drink in alkaline water is a perfect way to increase raw food consumption.

It’s bright green in water, but has no bitterness. I love how finely ground it is—I’m not gagging on the last few tablespoons like I did with other products.

I suggest you start with one tsp. in a quart of water, three times daily. Work up to two tsp. in each quart, which will make each package last you about a month. This way, you can multitask: remember to get three quarts of water a day, but make it green! Add a small amount of Ormus Greens green drink to a smaller glass of alkaline water, three times a day, if you prefer it that way. You can read my post on “10 day green smoothie cleanse reviews” to know about green smoothie recipes and a great smoothie recipe eBook which really got traction. :)

Finally you’re on your way to a green food diet with all these ingredients found in my favorite green smoothie of all those I’ve researched:

Ingredients for the whole food green drink I endorse:
• Oat grass
• Barley and wheat grass
• Alfalfa
• Yucca
• Parsley
• Spinach
• Pro biotic culture
• Peppermint
• Whole-leaf Stevie

Enjoy your self made green smoothie. :)

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