7 Effective Ways On How To Cure Pimples Today

1 Apr


Below are 7 effective ways to treat or ways to learn how to cure pimples, please know that not every treatment is as effective for everyone because our skin types and the chemical make up of our bodies is different so before beginning a treatment first do a test on a small area to be sure that your skin is not irritated by the treatment instead of being helped by it.  To get information on How To Cure Pimples permanently the link you need to the official Acne No More website is below. I wrote a full review on acne no more book of Mike. You can read the review on acne no more program if you are looking for a good acne treatment guide.

Here are seven types of masks and topical spot treatments that can help your acne:

  1. Make a mask out of egg whites and apply to the skin and allow to dry and then wash with warm water.  Egg white masks have been used for years to help the complexion of the face and has been known to significantly improve acne.  This egg white mask can be used every couple of days.
  2. Make a paste using water and orange peels and apply to face and allow to dry then wash with warm water.
  3. Mix or combine ground nutmeg and milk and apply to pimples and leave on for about two hours then wash with warm water.
  4. Make a paste by mixing honey and cinnamon and apply to the affected areas and leave for several hours or overnight and then wash the skin with warm water.



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