Recommendations for writing a resume service

Today, only lazy person can't find a job. And it doesn't matter if you have work experience, a city registration and a prestigious technical school under your belt. The question is how to find the best job for you out of the available options. And there are always options. And it's clear that there is no single recipe, nor is there the only right way. There are several ingredients that will lead to success.

You should start your job search with a well-written resume. This is your first business letter. And it will be considered by the employer from this very angle. And if it is not thrown in the trash, consider that your first goal is achieved.

The problem some candidates face is that there's nothing to write, no text. No work experience, no professional achievements, no career growth, no marital status, and no personal car. And in order to compensate for the endless white fields of resumes, in addition to it send copies of diplomas and certificates of praise. These tricks achieve exactly the opposite goal: at best, they make employers smile.

What is a resume?

First, you need to familiarize yourself with the main resume terms.

A resume (from Fr. résumé or Latin curriculum vitae, often abbreviated to CV) is a one-page (less often two-page) summary of your "work history," information about your education, as well as your qualifications and skills relevant to the job you are applying for.

A resume is a concise, professional self-assessment of a candidate for a job.

The main purpose of a resume is to provide a potential employer with a convenient and effective way to quickly determine if it is even worth continuing a conversation with you about the job. A successful resume facilitates a face-to-face meeting with the employer or their representative. It is important to be firmly aware that a resume is not a guarantee of a job. Its purpose is to make the reader want to meet with you in person.

A resume is the "clothing" by which you will be greeted. But don't confuse a resume with an autobiography.

An autobiography is a free-form description by a person of the major phases of his life.

Usually it is asked to fill in when hiring in state institutions or big commercial companies. More often it is required to complete a package of documents of a personal file and, actually, there is no special attention to it.