Acne No More Pros and Cons of Acne Scars Treatment Using Laser

15 Mar

Healthforus For someone with acne scarring, it would be hard to imagine that there would be any negative aspects of having scars removed but in truth, along with the good are some negative aspects of various treatment options that should be understood. However, with so many medical breakthroughs, there are many exciting options for acne scar treatment acne no more is one of them

One treatment in particular has made it possible for even people with challenging scars to see improvement, which is what we want to focus on with the information provided in this article. Of course, along with laser, there are other options for acne scars treatment from a conventional and holistic point of view but because acne scars treatment using laser has become one of the top choices in providing effective and safe change, we want to focus on this specifically.

Even since laser treatment for acne scarring was first introduced, there has been tremendous advancements made. Rather than live with embarrassment and even shame, the pros and cons of acne scars treatment using laser are addressed.

What is Laser and Who Qualifies?

For starters, laser treatment to remove or diminish acne scars involves an advanced technology that offers people with alternative choices over invasive surgery. With this treatment, a beam of light from a laser device is directed onto an area of skin that has been affected by scarring. As a result, the skin’s outer layer is removed, to include dead or damaged skin cells that can actually cause future acne breakouts.

Along with acne scars treatment using laser removing skin cells, this technology also works by stimulating collagen production, which is what gives a person youthful looking skin. With damaged tissue gone and collagen production enhanced, visible acne scars being to fade. Although someone with severe scarring would not have the same results as a person with mild to moderate scarring, laser technology is beneficial to all types and levels of scarring connected to acne.

As far as the person that would qualify to have laser treatment done, the decision would be based on a number of factors. The first step would be in visiting a doctor that would perform a variety of tests that would show whether an individual was or was not a prime candidate for acne scars treatment using laser. After all, the category, type, and severity of scarring would be considered along with the person’s ethnicity, age, and perhaps health.

Once a person has been deemed a good candidate for laser treatment, the licensed professional performing the procedure would apply a topical cream to numb the skin first. In more serious cases, the person might be given a sedative to help ease any discomfort throughout the laser treatment. From there, the area of the skin would be targeted with the laser light to remove damaged skin so healing could begin with the result being new skin void of scarring.

The Good and the Bad

On a positive note, acne scars treatment using laser treatment can be done with little pain. While some people might experience some discomfort, as mentioned a numbing cream or sedative would help. Another advantage of having laser treatment over other options for getting rid of acne scarring is that there is virtually no recover time required. Performed on an outpatient basis, the individual would return home to recoup.

Now, it is common for laser treatments to cause some swelling, redness, and irritation but for most people, these side effects only last a few days to weeks. However, because side effects are usually minimal, someone going through this process may not even need any time off from work or very little time at best. Then, one of the best aspects of acne scars treatment using laser is that most people have good results and success with this option is actually quite high.

There are actually few negative things about acne scars treatment using laser but the main one has to do with cost. Unless a person has good insurance coverage, the cost of laser treatment would be high. In addition, for certain types of acne scarring or serious cases, more than one laser treatment might be required. Other than this and the slight discomfort that some people experience, few bad things are associated with acne scars treatment using laser therapy.

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