Laser and Light Therapy Acne Treatments

10 Mar

Healthforus Laser and Light Therapy Acne Treatments

With the many available acne treatments nowadays, it is hard to determine what acne treatment will best suit your needs. With the advancement of skin science these days, there are more and more acne treatments available that will fit your personal needs.

Laser and Light Therapy For Acne Scar Problems

Laser and light therapies are considered to be the newest available treatments for acne scars that are effective and safe.

Light laser acne treatment uses daylight or specific wavelength of light to expose the area of skin affected with acne problems. Some uses lasers, light-emitting diodes, fluorescent lamps, dichroic lamps, and full spectrum light. Specific amount of time and time of the day is prescribed.

Generally, with this kind of therapy, the deeper layers of the skin or the dermis, is warmed without harming the skin’s surface layer or the epidermis. The new skin layer will regenerate, giving a visibly clearer skin especially those which were affected with acne. Browse added resources here on acne no more review by visiting this link.

Some laser and light therapy systems were known to destroy oil or sebaceous glands causing them to decrease their oil production. Other light therapy systems are aimed at killing the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) which causes acne. The ultraviolet spectrum has antibacterial and other effects but cannot be overemphasized since the long-term treatment can cause skin damage. Nonetheless, laser and light therapy is not only helpful for those who have acne scars but also for those who have active acne.

  • Blue light therapy
    This is a painless procedure that involves exposing the skin to a low-intensity blue light source which is believed to destroy P. acnes. Redness and dryness in the treated area is expected to occur temporarily.
  • Pulsed light and heat energy therapy
    Pulsed light and heat energy are also believed to destroy P. acnes and partly destroy oil glands which, in turn, will decrease oil production. Temporary redness may occur.
  • Diode laser therapy
    This kind of therapy is applied directly to the sebaceous glands in the dermis without causing damage to the skin. This treatment can be painful. Temporary redness and swelling in treated areas are to be expected.
  • Photodynamic therapy
    This is a combination of topical medications and light-based therapies. A medication known as photosensitizing agent is applied to the skin to enhance the effects of the light therapy. Then other types of light therapy follow. Redness, swelling, crusting and acne flare ups are expected to show.
  • Photopneumatic therapy
    A vacuum suction is used to remove oil and dead skin cells from the sebaceous glands. This is then followed by a blue and red light therapy to destroy P. acnes and reduce inflammation.

Specific Laser and Light Treatments

  • Candela Smootbeam – This is a combination of skin heating and cooling to heat the middle layer of the skin. It has a few side effects in the treated are – mild redness, blistering and color changes. The last two are very rare to occur.
  • Fraxel Laser Acne Treatment – This procedure really takes time to enjoy the final results. In this treatment, the patient is given a numbing cream and then fraxel procedure follows. Pain could definitely be felt during the procedure if cream isn’t applied.

What to expect with laser and light therapies?

  1. Laser and light therapy work well together with other acne treatments. Most of the time treatment with medications is required after a laser or light therapy to maintain and protect the skin from damage as well as to help it fully recover. Sometimes, this approach is also used as a supplement to other acne treatment.
  2. Laser and light therapy results may vary for each individual. So while one treatment may work wonders for one person, this does not immediately mean that it will work for you. Such that, while a regimen is helping you achieve the results you want, the same treatment may work or may not work for a friend.
  3. A series of treatment is needed for most therapies. It will not work with a one-time treatment only.
  4. Results are but temporary and acne medicine is needed for the maintenance of results.
  5. It can be really expensive and sometimes insurance will not cover the costs; so that you should educate yourself with the possible expenses that you will have to shoulder before undergoing any treatment.
  6. You will be required to practice good skin care habits since this is the ultimate treatment that will improve your skin.
  7. Side effects are often expected with laser and light therapy. Usually redness and swelling of the skin that can last for several hours or a few days, but the serious side effects can still occur.

Although side effects are still a possibility, their occurrence could be minimized when the proper care procedure is followed. Before anything else, make sure that you’re consulting a licensed dermatologist so that the assurance that the therapy you will undergo is legitimate and proper carried out.


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