Acne No More How to Cure Acne Scars Naturally Practical Tips for Acne Scar Sufferers

6 Mar

Healthforus It is natural for you to ask how to cure acne scars naturally given that they are unsightly just like the pimples that were in their place previously. Some people say that scars can never be removed unless a medical treatment method such as laser treatment is used. However, this is not the case. There are a lot of things that you can do to get rid of the marks without side effects and without spending a fortune.

Never squeeze pimples. This is the most important tip for all those who want to learn how to cure acne scars naturally. When you squeeze your pimples, the inflammation gets worse and the skin becomes bumpy and red. It loses collagen which eventually leads to indentations which remain on the skin for longer as scars. It is never too late to stop squeezing pimples, especially given the fact that most people are tempted to squeeze a single pimple more and more increasing the risk of scarring.

Protect your skin from direct sun exposure. This will help cure acne scars naturally. The UV rays of the sun can slow down the natural healing process and you would not want this to happen so you have to take measures. Dermatologists recommend using sunscreen with SPF higher than 15. It is best for the product to have zinc oxide which provides effective protection to the skin. You may also want to use a moisturizer that has sun protection properties. In this way, you will keep your skin hydrated which will stimulate the natural healing process and keep it protected at the same time.

Clean the affected skin area twice a day. This is another important tip on how to cure acne scars naturally. It is true that cleaning the skin will not magically fill the scars. However, daily cleaning reduces any existing inflammation and prevents it from reoccurring. In this way, the healing process is promoted. Review the full details on acne no more below at this post. You can use an acne soap to wash the affected skin areas in the morning and in the evening. If you want to keep things perfectly natural, you can use lemon juice for cleaning. It is a mild astringent and has very good antibacterial properties. Besides, it is rich in vitamin C which aids the natural healing of the skin.

Exfoliate your skin naturally to cure acne scars. When the top layer of dead skin cells is removed, the growth of new ones is stimulated. The fresh layer of skin coming underneath will be smoother stronger and more elastic. You can readily use an oatmeal mask once a week to exfoliate your skin. This is the most effective natural remedy for the purpose. After acne no more review just remember to apply oatmeal on your face when the substance is completely cool.

Take multivitamin supplements that include vitamins A, C and E. All three of these vitamins have antioxidant properties and will effectively stimulate the natural healing process. It is best for the supplements to contain zinc and calcium which are also good for the skin. Now you know how to cure acne scars naturally.

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