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18 Mar

Healthforus Everyone has experienced acne problems for at least once in their lives. It’s also quite annoying that these frequent acne problems also cause scars. Good thing is that there are many solutions laid down to help those who have been unsightly acne and its resulting scars. One of such solutions is the homeopathic acne treatment.

Before knowing more about this treatment, it’s important to learn the what, how and why of acne.

What is Acne? Acne is a common skin disorder that usually happens when the skin pore is clogged with too much oil produced by overactive sebaceous glands as well with the bacteria inhabited the area. This will then produce a skin outbreak. Generally, during the puberty stage, acne is more prevalent since high levels of hormones are produced that results in the sebaceous glands to become overactive. Aside from the bacteria build up and hormonal imbalances, heredity, obstructed follicles, and make up are also some factors that cause of acne.

What is homeopathic acne treatment? This is an effective treatment for acne problems wherein the naturopathic doctor will try to get the whole picture of the patient’s health and determine the underlying causes of the acne. They believe that acne is only a result or a symptom of an inner health problem. Therefore, this kind of treatment is not limited to application of creams, ointments, or topical gels. It treats from within. The result is also not limited in the acne itself, but an overall appearance of an improved skin texture will be obtained.

In the homeopathic acne treatment system, it tries to stimulate the body’s natural healing ability by giving homeopathic remedies that triggers the body’s healing forces. So there is a holistic approach in the treatment. Take a look at the link Acne no more. You could acquire some more great concepts there.

During the patient examination, the skin, as well as the lifestyle, attitude, and other important factors in everyday life of the patient is also checked. They believed that some of these are the reasons why the patient is experiencing an acne breakout.

Generally, there are three main indicators that is used in homeopathic acne treatment:

  1. stature, build, complexion and stamina e.g. skinny, fat, fair skin
  2. mental conditions e.g. anxiety
  3. acne problem characteristics e.g. the severity of acne problem

Homeopathic acne treatment is different from an herbal treatment because the latter is limited to the usage of various herbs and plants while homeopathic acne treatment uses minerals and other natural substances.

So how does this work? There is a specification for each mineral. For example sanguinaria is useful in acne, especially for women who have irregular menstruation and blood circulation. With Nat Mur, which is basically made through the processing of water and coarse salt, is useful for those who have severe acne. These remedies are orally taken so that the absorption of the mineral is better, thus, to have effective results. Here another article on acne no more review to solve pimples by naturally.

Yet, no matter how natural homeopathic acne treatment sounds, remember that these treatments should be done by an expert in homeopathy. Without due care and knowledge, the substances can still be dangerous and fatal. For a more effective curing of acne, a healthy lifestyle should also be practiced.

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