Acne No More All Natural Remedy To Cure Acne

7 Feb

Healthforus There is a very effective all-natural remedy to cure acne that can clear up your skin in less than 3 days and keep it pimple-free. This formula has been used extensively by people in the Eastern parts of the world to help remove acne from the face. But before we delve deeper into this secret formula, it is important to understand what causes acne to begin with, and how this remedy can help combat the appearance of zits.

Acne is the result of excess sebum and oil which clogs the delicate pores of the skin. When dirt and grime are trapped inside these sensitive pores, oil produced by the skin would not be able to be released and thus builds up to form an unhealthy and imbalanced skin condition. The bacteria that causes the acne infection to occur would begin to attack those troubled spots in an attempt to balance the delicate ecosystem of the skin once again This reaction would result in inflammation of the skin; t his would appear on the surface as zits or bumps and what we refer to as acne.

Acne can be removed and even eradicated from the skin by knowing how this happens and taking steps to prevent this from happening in the first place.

The first step is to thoroughly cleanse all excess dirt and oil from the skin. Sebum or excessive oil production can cause the pores to become clogged so you need to have a formula to prevent this form resulting in acne (More information on cure acne read more acne no more). Get a nice helping of lime juice and mix it with two spoonfuls of pure honey. Mix it thoroughly and then dab the formula on the affected areas with clean cotton. The formula smells great and doesn’t tarnish your skin or leave any unsightly marks. The lime with its antiseptic formula will kill off bacteria that cause acne and help dry out oil from the skin.

You can apply makeup over this formula once it is dried. If you wish you can even wash it off approximately 20 minutes or so after application.

Once a week, get a fresh Aloe Vera leaf and squeeze out the juice. You can get a nice quantity from a single leaf which would be sufficient to proceed with the second stage of the treatment. Add the juice into a glass of pure orange or lemon juice and drink it up. This would help clear up the acne from within. Be sure you know what you are doing and these are really Aloe Vera leaves you are using. If you have any medical conditions you may even want to check with your doctor to know it is safe also can view acne no more review.

Fresh Aloe Vera juice is also being sold in the marketplace under different brands. If you wish, you can get one of these as they are much safer to drink as they will have been produced in controlled manufacturing facilities. There is less chance of getting any kind of contaminant this way.

If you want a home made natural remedy for acne, follow this step plan that unleashes the beauty secrets of the East that has been well guarded since the past decades.


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