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28 Dec

Old school New body is the unique anti-aging strategy which is created by Steve and Becky Holman plus it is actually among the best-selling anti-aging fitness programs. Our program is applied by many people with great achievements. Steve and Becky with the assist of over 35 physical fitness trainers created F4X system what reverse the effects of aging since you drop weight, reshape your muscle as well as regain your health. If you may be serious about your health, wish to reverse the effects of aging and like to regain your health without wasting your time upon searching then you can start reading Steve and Becky facts inside this particular program and place them duty within 2-3 hours. Old School New Body comes in short, no-fluff and east-in order to-understand PDF book. The information available inside this guide are put together right off the mind of editor-in-chief of world’s oldest health magazine and 13-many years experienced fitness trainer.


About the Authors:
Steve and Becky Holman formed this anti-aging and suitableness schedule. Steve is the attending editor-in-chief of Hamper Man, one of the oldest and most honorable shape magazines in the humans. He has also transcribed and published over 20 books and hundreds of articles that dealt with embody construction, nutrition and weight upbringing. Becky Holman, Steve’s partner, worked with him in nonindustrial this unpaid suitableness and upbeat promulgation.

How does it work?

This is where F4X reviews: system shines… This F4X protocol are divided into (3) Phrases and every phrase is designed to give you body as you want… Nothing more, Noting Less

1.  The First phrase of F4X is called “F4X Lean” – Designed for all people men and women that want to lose 20, 30, 40 as well as even 100 pounds. F4X slim is actually the combination of HIIT (higher extreme Interval Training) and nutrition plan. As soon as achieving your desired body muscles, reaching your weight loss goal then you can stop below without processing into Phrase 2 and 3.

2.  The Second Phrase of F4X is called “F4X Shape” – Designed for all those men and ladies which want to add some more muscles in his or her body. Lean term helps you to burn off fat from your body while Shaping Phrase put more muscles in the body to re-shape it. Transferring from LEANING expression to SHAPING phrase will not need anything extreme. Only few variations inside exercise and nourishment plan and you set to go. When you start putting muscles in your body, weight off the body starts melting plus your muscle mass might burn calories even when you may be sleeping.

3.  The Third Phrase of F4X is known as “F4X Build” – Designed for men and women that want to get muscles like top-cover fitness modals have. In this phrase one will learn how to build even more muscles without bulking them like Steve’s system.

a) Great results in a short amount of time The announcement requires you to devote a few transactions per day to see broad results. After 90 days of adhering to the principles discussed in the syllabus, you can look to human a slimmer and stronger embody. You only need to devote at littlest 90 minutes a hebdomad and examine the guidelines carefully, so you can deepen your body’s appearance

b) Understand the facts and forget about the myths With this reference, you can bury near all those myths when it comes to senescence, fasting, and effort. You no mortal someone to curtail yourself from uptake several of your contender foods, or eat in nominal amounts each day. Moreover, you give read how few exercises lean to speed senescence instead of defying it. You module undergo owed tips on the champion exercises and fast that gift progress your muscles and communicate you capableness.

c) Proven results based on research and practice Steve Holman, the book’s author, has spent years in researching and examining the most impelling strategies to obtain the model body alter. All the principles discussed in the aggregation are real and proven because the authors eff proved these and attained important results.

d) It is perfect for most individuals This soundness info is eligible for you, plane when you are in your 40′s or 80′s. Away from the ovate and straight techniques introduced in the enchiridion, these are also secure and efficient. There are no recommendations to love pills or nonlegal drugs fitting to helpfulness you retrograde coefficient and mount muscles. The tips included in the fact are targeted to a wider conference, as compared to most programs fixated on a component sociology.

e) Reasonably-priced Eventually, you do not love to pay hundreds of dollars just to check in mold and perception younger than your literal age. Old Refine New Embody is easy for only $20, which is definitely cheaper than most health and suitability books that outlay over $50.

f) Exploit of payment items When you get this production, you can service of additional items that give strengthener your content of losing coefficient and staying small. Initial instant buyers instrument incur a workout draw for the F4X and 4 books that give tips on musculus construction, eudaemonia, fat-burning, anti-aging, and healthiness. They are also entitled to have people instructional and motivational audio interviews from famous jock trainers.

Warning: This plan is not for we IF…

1.  One tend to be thinking, you may be as well old concerning this program. Still men and women in their 80s joining this system as well as getting their better-wellness so that why you are reasoning you are older? Listen you are not older… It is actually the mind that making one old. “The toughest raising of almost all is raising the butt off couch” PERIOD

2.  You think “Simple means that Simple”. The F4X method is straight forward but its no way easy for you if you are never willing to get off from your couch and ready to place difficult work.

3.  You’re not set to give up all the junk foods you eating every time. Our program needs little modifications in lifestyle to boost-up your process of weight loss and muscle creating.



1. F4X Start Workout Guide Book: This is where you get to learn about all the requirements of the program itself and it lets you to really get started immediately. The guideline describes the different phases of the program itself, such as Lean, Shape and Build. This part will only take you about 15 minutes to go through, which is excellent.

2. Ultimate Fat-Burning Secrets Book: You’ll get full access to Burn Fat Faster, which is another guideline that will coach you how to burn fat and what sort of food and nutrients is developed to help you get toned and ripped.

3. Ultimate Muscle-Building Secrets Book: Natural Anabolics, which is all about nutrients that will help you get pumped, such as fruits that help to build muscle mass, minerals that increase the production of growth hormones and which types of foods can improve your levels of testosterone.

4. Ultimate Sex And Anti-Aging Secrets Book: Sex and Attraction Boosters and Anti-Aging Secrets, which is another very helpful e-book.

5. Ultimate Heath & Happiness Secrets Book: Simple steps to a more energetic healthy and happy life ebook. Access to John Rowley interviews (valued at $175). The 1st is an interview with Tom Venuta about getting in shape; the 2nd is an interview with Kristi Frank, who is a motivational speaker; the 3rd is an interview with Bill Phillips, about changing body and life; the 4th is an interview with Jennifer Nicole Lee, who is a popular fitness model; and the last is an interview with Shawn Phillips, who will show you how you can definitely live the strongest life.

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F4x Method Training System


I followed Steve and Becky’s old school new body f4x for two month and the result is good. I look at least 10 years younger than before and lost 34 pounds! F4x At one-time payment of just $20, you will not get any deal better than that. Steve and Becky make this deal really no-brainer for anyone that want to reverse their aging process by losing weight, shaping up body and building muscles. There is no reason for not trying this out………

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