Nopalea Juice Reviews & Nopal Juice Drink Review

5 Apr

The first time I heard of the Nopalea drink, I was immediately skeptical. If I had heard of this juice from a commercial or an advertisement I probably would have written it off without a second thought, but it was actually recommended to me by my running buddy. This is a guy who I’ve trekked several thousand miles with over the past ten years. When you spend that much time together on countless running trails and in charity jog-a-thons, you really get to know a person.

He knows that I experience moderate inflammation in my left knee and my right shoulder—sports injuries from playing ball a little too much and a little too irresponsibly as a kid—so he told me that his mother, who has mild osteoarthritis, had called him the past weekend, practically giddy about this new juice she started drinking.

“She has trouble sleeping sometimes because her hands ache,” he told me as we dodged a pair of joggers heading in the opposite direction. “Apparently now she sleeps like a baby! You should try this stuff, man.” I prodded him for more information and when we parted ways I left with my default skepticism intact, but I was definitely intrigued.

Maybe it was because my knee was hurting that afternoon or because my friend had never steered me wrong before, I decided that it couldn’t hurt to take his advice, so I started doing a little research. The Nopalea drink is marketed as having some pretty substantial benefits like:

1. Anti-inflammatory properties for muscles and joints (this appealed to me the most)

2. Helping reduce the symptoms of seasonal allergies

3. Reducing general fatigue and feelings of lethargy

4. A way to naturally detox your body

With a list of benefits like that, I figured that even if one of these items turned out to be true my purchase would be worthwhile. So I went ahead and ordered my first batch of Nopalea juice, which was easy and only took a few minutes. “Well,” I thought. “We’ll see.”

My shipment arrived a few mornings later and I was eager to try it right away. I drank the recommended amount of the juice during the day—the taste is pretty much what you’d expect, fruity and, after you get used to it, pretty good—and decided to see if it would do anything.

I wasn’t fully convinced until the next morning. I woke up feeling remarkably well rested. Peppy, even. It wasn’t until I opened my refrigerator that I remembered the Nopalea juice—and that’s when became conscious of the fact that my knee wasn’t bothering me at all, which it usually does in the morning.

I called my friend and told him immediately. “You sound just like my mom!” he said and we shared a laugh. I didn’t care, I was incredibly pleased with the product.

I’ve been drinking nopalea juice for just over three weeks now and let me tell you—yes, it definitely works. My knee and my shoulder feel better. I sleep better. I have more energy in the mornings. This is one of those things you’ve got to experience to understand, and I would recommend it to anyone.

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