How To Make Your Dick Bigger Without Pills, Pumps Or Surgery

Every Man Can Definitely Get 1 inch Extra Which Was Hidden Inside His Body.

Well this question is being asked numerous times and I guess the answer is also known by even the askers. I must be honest with my subscribers. I can’t fake them to sale my products only. So I am going to tell you the truth and also want to give you hope. If you read my first email and be hopeless then surely that was not my intention. I rather emphasized on to provide you risk free, natural and realistic routes. I hope it makes sense.

To be honest you cannot increase the absolute length and girth. On the other hand you can develop healthy habits that allow you to reach your maximum. Now the question is what is the maximum size and how can I determine maximum for me? Well the maximum size depends on your existing size. With some exercise and diets you can easily add half to one inch with the existing one. And here are 3 facts that will give you real hope!

  • If you have a 4 inch male and if you add 1 inch more, then 5 inch is really satisfactory for all women.
  • If you have a 3 inch male and if you add 1 inch more, then 4 inch is enough satisfactory for 98% of girls.
  • If you have a 2 inch male and if you add 1 inch more, then even 3 inch is comfortable enough for average no. of women.

These are not my words but several surveys actually revealed that the reality. It is not as the myth “Bigger is better!”. Big doesn’t mean better at all. Big can even hurt the woman and cause bleeding and tearing during intercourse. We will see case studies on this topic later.

So now question is how one can increase his male size? We are going to read several more articles on these topics within upcoming days. Here are my upcoming articles.

  1. What size of male is preferred by most women
  2. Average male size according to ethnicity. Check either your one is small or good enough
  3. 10 Foods to enlarge your male & get hardest erection.
  4. 10 commandments to increase the size of your male naturally.
  5. Does the Jelqing technique really works? 3 Jelqing methods to add 1 inch more.
  6. A slightly difference approach of Kegel exercise that really add length

Okay before going through all of these fantastic articles lets educate yourself about your body functionality and also change you mindset. Set the goal and achieve it. No unrealistic thinking which would really led you to damage your precious health.

Know the Possibility of Male Enlargement

The part of the male that makes it elongate during an erection is the corpus cavernous (literally “cave-like bodies”),and it’s essentially a bit of smooth muscle. So, it’s distinct from your skeletal muscle, which you can grow! Or rather, not so much ‘growth’ as it is hypertrophy (from Greek ὑπέρ “excess” + τροφή “nourishment”).

Other examples of smooth muscle will be the stuff that lines your intestines, the uterus; none of which you can really grow. However, if one is undernourished, I have no doubt improved nutrition can help the glans male reach its full growth potential.

The other way, as I see, is to have better blood circulation. The swelling of the male is due to the blood filling its spaces, and this can be accomplished by having a healthy lifestyle (esp. a great circulatory system) and also Nitric oxide, which is a powerful vasodilator (i.e. makes blood vessels wider).

So the bottom lines are…

  1. Yes you can enlarge your existing male size even without any surgery.
  2. No there is no real known way to grow it “5 inches within 30 days”.
  3. Now you know even if you have 2 inch male still you can satisfy your partner on bed.
  4. You are going to learn about some interesting things within upcoming days which are going to change your mindset and if you can follow my guideline you can easily end up with a confident as well as satisfactory man on bed.

Let’s keep your eye on my emails. I promise you I will not let you go from my reader club. The authority I have earned over the years can’t be so cheap to afford a member like you to lose in this way. 😉


How To Make Your Dick Bigger Stronger Without Drugs

Most Popular Method For Penis Enlargement

Penis Enlargement Foods:

1. Bananas – Studies have suggested that men who successfully gain inches usually have healthy hearts. It has also shown that the potassium found in bananas aids in the health of the heart health and also helps one with proper blood circulation. With this good circulation of blood and a healthy heart, it makes penis growth achievable.

3. Onions – Well, many do not know but many of today’s top researchers believe that onions are also an essential food for healthy circulation of the blood. It also aids in the prevention of blood clots. This carries a great advantage to increasing the circulation of blood to the heart as well as the penis.

3. Salmon – This fish is rich in essential fatty oils such as omega and helps in developing the p*nis fast. These healthy fatty oils helps in the thinning of the blood (lower viscosity), which in turn aids in the circulation of blood around the body. Research has shown having a healthy blood flow is one of the main factors in achieving stronger, stiffer erections.

Penis enlargement exercises:

This is actually the only safe and approved way in which to naturally increase the size of the erectile tissues that are located within the walls of your penis, thus causing it to grow bigger. All you need here is your hands. These exercises have been used for many years now and thus they have helped numerous men be able to achieve great gains in the size of their penis from the comfort of their own home. Just like any other exercise routine, you are going to need to exert a little effort here in order for it to work. If you wish to learn about this safe and effective penis exercise program, visit Penis Advantage

Penile Enlargement Pumps:

Penis enhancement pumps are suction devices which are fitted on the penis. When activated, the pump creates vacuum pressure about the penis which pressure causes blood to rush towards penis, which makes it engorged, enabling a bigger harder erection. These vacuum pumps happen to be used to help men who will be working with male erecticle dysfunction.

However, these vacuum pumps are incredibly simple misuse. If used too vigorously, the pressure created round the penis might cause vascular damage. It is also simple for the penis for being sucked in or drawn in on the cylinder causing injury. Plus the worst thing about while using majority of vacuum pumps? Numerous studies have actually shown which it causes no significant change in penile length.

Penis Enlargement Surgery:

It has been proven that you can add up to two inches to your penis’ length in this way. Unfortunately this method is very expensive making it beyond the reach of most average men. There are also some inherent risks with this surgery. For instance, your penis could be permanently marred.

Surgery or phalloplasty is surely expensive. Its cost ranges from $5,000 to $10,000. It is not only heavy on the pocket but is also quite risky. There are numerous possible side effects of phalloplasty, such as infections, bruising, bleeding, asymmetry and deformities, soft erections, loss of sexual function, permanent numbness, and impotence.

Penis enlargement Jelqing:

Jelqing can be an exercise that’s designed primarily to enhance the girth as well as the time your penis. It doesn’t require take any substances or undergo any surgery. Everything you need to be able to apply these techniques are your hands. The best of this concerning this method is that the gains you create are permanent. They won’t vanish once you stop doing the exercises.

Jelqing operates by stimulating blood circulation into the penis and encouraging the chambers of your respective corpora cavernosa. The corpora cavernosa could be the soft tissue part of your penis the place that the blood flows in, helping you achieve an organisation erection. Suppose your corpora cavernosa could be stimulated to grow new cells to create itself longer and thicker – this is exactly what jelqing accomplishes.

Listed below are the steps with the jelqing exercise:
Step 1: Get a 40% to 50% erection.

Step 2: Along with your right (for anyone who is right handed, left if you are a lefty), create a circle to you thumb and forefinger, while using the middle, ring finger and pinky outstretched. It ought to appear to be you create the OK sign.

Step # 3: Using your OK sign, firmly contain the base of this penis and gently move your fingers toward the pinnacle of your penis. You should lean against a similar area while you’re accomplishing this movement instead of slide along the shaft of the penis.

Step # 4: Once your fingers are as near towards the head on the penis as possible manage, release your grip. This constitutes one repetition.

Initially, do 20 to 30 repetitions per session, gradually increasing it to 50 repetitions per session soon after weeks. Most men set out to see good results after only a couple of weeks of performing this exercise. When completed in conjunction with other penis exercises, this will help besides reach the bigger penis size that you want, but also improvement in other locations of this performance likewise, including increased stamina while having sex, firmer erections, as well as the opportunity to wait longer before ejaculating.

Jelqing is just one of the various natural exercises you can do to enhance penis size. Gains of 1 to 3 inches and first results around 2 weeks are actually reported using this type of technique when utilized in addition to your penis enlargement bible penis exercise program!

Penis Enlargement SizeGenetics:

Pills, Exercise, and traction device effectively enlarge penis. One who is up to penis enhancement might find it hard to decide which one to use. With the revolutionary, all-in-one penis enhancement system named SizeGenetics, you need not choose one over another, because SizeGenetics mixes up traction device, exercise and pills. This combination creates one program that guarantees smashing success in your sex life. With SizeGenetics, you get all the benefits that pills, traction device, and exercise bring.

Penis enlargement pills:

Penile enlargement pills and patches are devices that you see advertised on-line lots. They promise to become very convenient and discreet solutions if you need to make your penis bigger. However, you have to be conscious of research about the efficacy of those pills and patches are consistent in showing that these pills are ineffective and they are purely offered for profit. Every current brand of pill I know of may also be not FDA approved, so anybody’s researching their claims of safety and efficacy.

Apart from doing very little, these numerous studies have shown also discovered that these pills may also contain harmful contaminants. Contaminants like yeasts, molds, e. coli and in some cases pesticides have been located on these pills. You will need to keep in mind that these is probably unregulated and not licensed by the FDA and the appropriate establishment in the area which means you will never be entirely sure about where they source their ingredients and how they manufacture some. You should not depend on pills to make your penis bigger. While this method sounds appealing to a lot of men, there are no pills available today that have been FDA approved.

Penis Stretching Techniques and Methods:

Penis stretching is the type of penis enlargement treatment that few dare to take on. It is one of the most prevalent penis enlargement treatments available today, however due to the expense in purchasing a device or practicing masturbation like exercise techniques or even because of the tedious and redundant stretching process, many men, myself included, never thought twice about this type of treatment.

I originally thought that pills would dish out the results I desired, but in no time at all, I learned how lousy they were for enlargement purposes. Only up until I realized this is when I actually took the time to sit in front of my computer to research what else was out there. Soon after reading a dozen or so articles, I realized that everything worth buying or trying was based around some sort of penis stretching method.

That’s why today I would like to introduce you to penis stretching techniques before you ever come across pills or contemplate surgery. To help you learn about this form of penis enlargement, I’ve sectioned multiple questions that will help you completely grasp the fundamentals of penis stretching and how you can build off of them in order to significantly increase your size.

What Types Of Penis Stretching Exist?

Consider this thought for a moment – Do you like to get “hands-on” with the things you like to do or do you like to use small mechanisms? This thought is in relation to penis stretching exercises and tension stretching device.

These two forms of penis enlargement are the most popular today and are both based on the principle of stretching. Exercises are performed by hand and involve the act of pulling your penis so that you feel light stretching. In return, doing this daily over a long period of time encourages your penis to grow to a bigger permanent state.

On the flip side, stretching device, the most common type referred to as a penis extender, is a type of penis extension device that exert a stretching force known as penile traction along the length of your penis. The process of using a penis extender is completely hands free and requires you to only strap a comfortable, form fitting device to your penis for a set amount of hours every day. It basically does all the work for you.

How Does Penis Stretching Work?

Form a general perspective, the process of stretching encourages your penis to grow. Just like when you were young, your body became longer, stronger, thicker, and wider. Even after you have stopped growing, you can still practice strength training exercises to add muscle mass and more lean tissue.

The growing process for your penis stops naturally just like it does for the rest of your body. However, stretching it, not strengthening it, can and will make it grow to a bigger, more robust size.

It all starts from within the layering of tissue that comprises your penis and gives it its look. Penis stretching begins to stretch penile tissue to the point that it’s cellular structure breaks down painlessly and causes microscopic tears to develop on the tissue that limits erection size.

As these tears occur, your body will begin to attempt to heal them in a way that cells duplicate to close the gaps. Continuously causing these tiny tears to develop and heal slowly makes your penis bigger. Since tissue is growing in size, it retains its new shape and size permanently.

Does Penile Traction And Stretching Exercises Promote The Same Development?

Yes they do. They both encourage all natural penile growth. The realistic differences between the two is that penile traction has been proven to work clinically, while exercises are known to work based on men who have taken the initiative to exercise freely.

Exercises do take longer to produce results that are measurable. Traction tension stretching works quicker. Because of your penis is subjected to tension stretching for longer periods of time every day.

What Kind Of Stretching Would A Doctor Recommend

Doctors and physicians based their logic and reasoning around data and information that is based on evidence. In saying that, a doctor would wholeheartedly recommend penile traction therapy. Do you think penile augmentation surgery produces multiple inch gains? Well if you did, then you either read wrong or someone was in the wrong telling you that it does. Upon paying for a surgical procedure intended to add more length, you are also paying for a penis extender.

A phalloplasty surgeon will recommend you use a penis extender after surgery due to how your body reacts once the procedure is complete. If a penis stretching device is not used after lengthening surgery, you face the chance that your penis contracts further back into your body once the associated tissue involved in lengthening surgery heals.

A penile traction device simply allows your penis to heal while it is extended further outside your body in conjunction to encouraging penile tissue to grow.

Is Penis Stretching Safe?

It can be if you practice stretching methods from a reliable source. Free exercises for example present a degree of risk since they are not documented to work and can lead to improper technique, which may result in injury or damage.



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